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Professional Boxing Debut

Worldwide exposure was always the goal. We started this organization in hopes of creating change. To use our platform to spread positivity and be the voice for those oppressed. Shaping minds and bodies for over a decade while striving to build a recognizable brand in the fitness industry. We constantly hold ourselves accountable to personal goals as we know they are not only directly impacting us. The decisions we make today influence others tomorrow.

Being the first Punjabi twins in history to box professionally we don't take lightly to the potential global impact we can make on our community. To pave the path for future fighters in our community and to show them that it's possible to do without any promoters or contracts, just straight hustle.

Getting involved in the art of boxing at the age of 10, fighting professional was always the main goal. The idiom Blood, Sweat and Tears for the lack of words is an understatement to the hard work and constant hours we've put into getting this far in the sport. As long as we had each others back getting knocked down countless times or being turned down never stopped us from knocking at the door of opportunity.

Regarding our debut, we had a long and intense camp. This included 10km runs multiple times per week, strength training days and boxing daily. In addition, our diets were also very strict and macros were being seriously tracked. While doing this we also paid great attention to the promotional aspect of the coming fight. We had a billboard at the famous Eaton Center downtown Toronto and were featured on many pages and articles including the well known Instagram 6ixbuzz and CBC news.

Soon after, we had our debuts and came home undefeated!

This experience was like no other and we hope to have motivated those who were able to witness the journey. We would also like to thank our amazing team and supporters who constantly push us to strive for more.



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