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Flash Bros in Cuba!

Havana, Cuba

When planning a vacation as a fighter many things come to mind, especially the food situations. While researching on where to go I came across many articles on Cuba. Specifically, I found that its been widely known to have differed opinions on food. That being said I understood that the better the resort was the better the food would be. As many athletes know, diet is a very crucial element for success. Whether your goal is to gain or lose weight, consumption of the right fuel is necessary. With this in mind the price was right and we gave it a shot anyway. My brother and I stayed at Grand Memories resort and spa located in Veradero. This resort is very big with many options for food and extracurricular activities. Being a fighter I knew that Cuba is a country where Boxing is practiced religiously and i had to try it out there. I spent my first few days not only relaxing by the beach but trying to figure out where the closest boxing gym was. I found that the best gyms were in the heart of the downtown in Havana. This was a long drive but the training and atmosphere was unforgettable. I recommend any fighter traveling to Cuba to visit a local boxing gym to experience not only a great workout, but to feel the dedication in the local fighters.

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