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How I found my Passion for Boxing

Growing up, I was always considered to be a "fat" or "chubby" kid. The constant stress of being looked at and the bullying were the main reasons that pushed me into personal fitness. By getting into the sport of Boxing, I was able to become the best version of myself that I can be. At first, I hated the intense workout regiments and the long jogs, but once I started to see results, I knew this was for the best. Although not right away, I felt a great sense of pride in my workout and felt better mentally and physically. Now that I am reaching the peak of my physical fitness, I am able to effectively train and teach others on the path to greatness. I take great pride in training my clients as I know that I was once in their shoes and I want to amplify the feeling of achieving your goals.

I have gotten very attached to the Art of Boxing. My question to all of you is what is your passion, and what made you go there? Leave replies in the comment box below for me to observe and reply!

- Jimmy.

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