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Virtual Boxing Training

No Coach? No Problem, Lets Work!

Full Length Tutorials- 50+ Rounds Of Virtual Pads- Live Sparring- and More!



How to Wrap Hands

Fighting Stance

Basic Punches


Foot work

Pad Work (beginner to Advanced)


And More..

Get In Fight Shape At Home!

It's hard to find a boxing coach that is willing to invest the time to teach the basics and help build a strong foundation in a fighter. The search is over and our unforgettable boxing experience will assist students in self growth and break down each movement leaving one comfortable and confident all while getting a great workout no matter where in the world. With over 10 years in the business, students can trust that what they're learning is coming from a credible source. Having worked with over 100 students and running the most prestigious fitness facility in the GTA, our formula has proven to assist in rapid weight-loss in a fun and educational way. These informative and complex videos will cover the art of boxing and leave you sweaty and unstoppable.  No matter where you are,  the Flash Bros got you covered!


Get unlimited access to the most effective at-home boxing and full-body workouts. We will get you fit, healthy, strong & motivated to reach the very best version of yourself. Learn the art of Boxing today with the Flash Bros!

Next Steps:

After purchasing individual videos or the entire package, files will be send via email for students to begin their journeys towards better health and mental stimulation.

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