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Personal Training Course




Personal training is a rapidly growing profession, which can make it difficult to sort through the options and choose the best avenue to become qualified to train clients. Our academy provides the answer with the Personal Training certification that provides students with all the necessary information needed to carry out a successful career in a confident and professional manner. You will learn the foundational skills necessary to train individuals of all health backgrounds. A Flash Bros certified personal trainer is qualified to assess, design, and deliver individual and small group training programs in a health club, home, and workplace setting.

As Canada’s leading personal training certification designation, our program provides comprehensive content and a wide range of practical skills that will ensure success to those who hold the designation. 


  • Aspects of fitness, wellness and basic training strategies 

  • Nutrition guidelines and weight management principles

  • Cardiorespiratory, skeletal, and muscular system anatomy and function

  • Flexibility, mobility, and fascia

  • Passive and dynamic assessments

  • Periodized program design and delivery

  • The business of personal training

  • Principles of exercise safety

  • Components of a fitness class from the warm-up to the cool-down

  • Musicality: phrasing, cueing and appropriate music selection

  • Leadership and motivation skills

  • Special populations and injuries

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The Personal Training course is a comprehensive online course designed to increase your knowledge and confidence level to train clients in a one-on-one or group setting. The course consists of an online learning program through a variety of slides, questionnaires, and a detailed course manual. The online learning resource provides an interactive experience going through the key concepts from the course manual leaving all users confident and ready to pounce on coming opportunity. 

What To Expect?

After Course Enrolment Each Student Will Receive Via Email:

  1. Course Outline (Step By Step Instructions)

  2. Detailed Course Manual

  3. PowerPoint Presentation (Study Guide)

  4. Theory Exam

  5. Practical Evaluation 

  6. Zero to Hero Formula to Success

  7. Certificate (Upon Completion)


 All students have lifetime access to contact customer support regarding any questions or concerns after certification.


  • A dynamic fitness session that is safe, fun and effective

  • Exercise modifications for various levels of participants depending on multiple variables

  • A motivational exercise environment

  • A variety of training formats (step, low impact, explosive, muscle conditioning)

  • Effective exercise demonstration and instruction

  • Support and encouragement for all participants


  • Evaluate client needs in physical activity and nutrition based on the counseling foundations in the Personal Training Specialist program and provide the client with a safe and effective exercise plan based on their needs, abilities and goals.

  • Assess, design and deliver individual and small group training programs in a health club, home and workplace setting.

  • Monitor client resting and exercise heart rate and blood pressure regularly.

  • Develop a client specific exercise plan within your level of ability and progress to more advanced training techniques with clients once the proper competency has been achieved.

  • Modify all client exercise technique as needed to strive for optimal individual bio-mechanical effectiveness.

  • Promote the benefits of regular physical activity and a balanced lifestyle combined with a healthy diet.

  • Provide generalized advice on nutrition. Individuals who require more specific advice on diet and supplements must be referred to a qualified nutrition professional.

  • Answer general questions for participants on injuries or discomforts related to exercise. All injuries must be diagnosed and treated by a qualified medical professional.


As a certified Personal Training Specialist (PTS), I agree to respect my role, abide by the Code of Ethics and work within my Standards of Practice at all times.

I recognize that failure to follow this Standards of Practice will result in immediate removal of my PTS certification designation. Students are required to be insured at their own expense and research options available to them after certification to begin practice.

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